Business Ideas You Can Start This Week

There is no shortage of advice on how to start your very own business. Many people think that hanging a sign and declaring they are open for business is all it takes – even with all of the information we have access to today – to start and run a business that makes money. Any business that isn’t making money is just a hobby. We all want to get paid. Here are some business ideas you can start today and make money doing it. While you won’t get rich this week, you can certainly set the groundwork for being able to build on your cash earnings and take your business to the next level.

Start a Flea Market Business

No, I’m not talking about renting a table and selling your wares for pennies on the dollar. I am talking about setting up and running your flea market. Too often people think they can just join the ranks of table sellers, but the real money is in renting those tables to the sellers. With very little effort, you can rent a hall, advertise a little around town to let people know you are accepting applications for tables, collect money and you are done. Because there is not a lot of pomp and circumstance around setting up a flea market, the venue is far less important than the number of people who are going to rent tables from you. Don’t forget you can also charge an admission fee of usually $1.

Start a Lawn Care Business

The summer is coming, and everyone could use some extra cash in their pockets. Let your friends and family know you are going to be weeding and mowing and trimming hedges – this isn’t your teenage son’s lawn business – professional lawn care can come with a hefty price tag and can be a lucrative business. But you can start right now by lining up some yard work for some friends and family this weekend. Charge them by the job and not the hour and they’ll feel like they are getting a really good deal. Ask for referrals for a job well done.

Start a Consulting Company

Easier said than done, starting a consulting company is probably the most lucrative businesses you can start this week. Find your niche, find some people you can market it to, and voila! You’ll have a client before you know it. Seriously, it can be as simple as consulting on home decor, pet care, finances – you don’t have to set up a large firm to start a consulting company. You just need you, some business cards, and a will to succeed. Click here for information on working with finance and bankruptcy consultants. These guys offer a wide variety of services, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere.

Whether your goal is to make a little extra money or a full-time income, launching a business and going for it is the only way to know if you can succeed in business. Sitting around for months planning your business is not how it’s done anymore. People launch fast and fail faster so they can get to the money quicker. Don’t wait – start your business today!