Helping Students Learn and Develop Social Skills

According to Do Something, low self-esteem is defined as a thinking disorder where one tends to view themselves as inadequate or unlikable. There are more than 70 percent of teenage girls who avoid day-to-day normal activities that involve having to socialize with other students like going to school and or even afterschool activities. Girls aren’t the only ones who have an issue with their self-esteem. There are boys in high school who have long term goals of losing weight and gaining more muscle mass. Self-esteem has seemed to always be an issue in high schools, whether you are a boy or a girl. There are also many studies that show that self-esteem issues in high school students have been proven to affect their performance in their education. It is important to get students to be more social and to find confidence doing so in order to better themselves overall.

According to Bustle, studies have demonstrated that there has been a rise in young girls having low self-esteem issues as early as 11 years old. In fact, there are about 47 percent of young girls who feel ashamed of their appearances and have prevented themselves from joining clubs, seeing friends, joining organizations, etc. Many girls are preventing themselves from excelling and being the best they can be all because of the way they look. When young teens are not able to experience different experiences due to their self-esteem, they are likely to suffer from depression and then after, their education will soon suffer. Social skills are believed to help young teens because they help them gain the confidence levels they need to speak to others and feel confident in themselves. They are also more likely to feel confident with joining groups and organizations at school.

Many students have trouble building their self-confidence because they are so used to having it destroyed over and over. It is critical for teachers and parents to help their students learn and develop. There are so many different ways to get your child to learn and grow socially. There are apps that have been created that is sort of a mixture of social media, but completely related to education. There are sites and apps that teachers and students can use to get their students motivated to join in on groups to help to build their social skills. If you are interested, you can easily search online for more information by searching: From here, you should find a list of apps that can help you get your student to be more motivated and encouraged to build their social skills from these activities.

Overall, it is very unfortunate that teens have to feel self-conscious about themselves at school. What is even more unfortunate is that their self-confidence is affecting their learning abilities. They are not able to focus on what the important thing is, and that is their education. Make sure that you are able to speak to your students and take time to help figure out how you can best help them participate more.