Life With Little Ones

There are very few times in life where people change everything about themselves and their home to please someone else. Chances are, anyone living in this type of situation is currently the parent of a toddler. While people may warn of the struggle that comes with raising teenagers or offer hope for surviving the “empty nest syndrome” that follows that stage, neither are as all-encompassing as the years spent raising infants and toddlers.

Complete Design Control

Wallcoverings, flooring options and even the style of furniture are all dictated by a need to keep little ones safe and happy. This goes far beyond their bedroom and play area. All furnishings and carpets in the home suddenly need to be treated against stains or eliminated because of VOCs. Furniture with sharp edges are removed and washable walls are suddenly more important than the actual paint color.

Choosing Entertainment Options

Parents of little ones will all have that moment (usually more than once) when they sitting on the sofa with the remote in their hand as they stare blankly at some animated program. Only after sitting through at least one commercial break will it dawn on them that there are not actually any children in the room and they can watch whatever they want. It is natural. After all, the air will now be filled with lullabies and the voices of cartoon characters nearly every hour of the day. Movie night will include more of the same and a trip to the theater is just a way to see it all on a bigger screen.

Picking Out Food

Spicy sauces, exotic ingredients and anything that takes more than four teeth to chew will appear only occasionally on any at-home menu. Children require healthy food options that are low-risk for choking and safe to be on the table for the two hours it will take them to finish the meal. Items that can travel safely in a plastic bag will be the most common options on the menu.

Life changes the moment a child is born and the time goes by too fast. Make the most of it by becoming completely immersed in everything fun and innocent that childhood includes. Visit for everything kid-friendly that is colorful, interesting and sometimes free.