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Marketing Strategy Over Time: Old Ways Vs. The New Ways

The technological advancements that we have in terms of media communication is not just overlooking us today, it has already taken over us and what’s more is that each and everyday new methods on media marketing is being developed unimaginably. The fact that our human nature wills us towards new trends and choices makes us feel like we are not moving forward if we are not going to embrace the new media trends like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and the like. These new media craze is considered the tombstone of power in media marketing, and it is the most ideal way of getting data trails at a cheap price. However, the new way is not the only avenue we can take. Hence, the marketing showdown begins.

The new ways in social media and music probably encourages all of us to like new and famous artists such as the One Direction band, but saying that they are a better performer than Beatles is totally crazy. The same also applies to marketing. Some old fashioned routes are still the best routes to take: effective and powerful as well as compelling.

Practically, when it comes to marketing, being able to combine both the old school and the new ways will allow one to provide a bigger marketing advantage.

The Powerful Word of Mouth

If a cheap but effective marketing strategy is what you are looking for then have no worries since the word of mouth can make this happen for you. This is one of the oldies but goodies in terms of marketing mediums, and you should know that this marketing strategy have come a long way. This marketing strategy is considered one of the most influential strategy as no matter how fabulous your marketing ads looks like, people will still believe the words of their relatives and friends over your ad campaign. Because of this, you should also work on rewards strategy in order to give merits to loyal customers so as to retain them.

One of the best methods in doing this is to infuse an email marketing program with a referral program.

Use The Printing Power

One of the most common misconception is that printing strategies in marketing are very costly methods of marketing, which is very untrue. Despite the fact that they have a higher rate when compared to online marketing campaigns, this marketing strategy has a stronger impact to consumers. However, before you jump start your printing marketing strategy be sure to keep in mind that creativity is the key to success in this kind of strategy. Do not just simply besiege the letter boxes of potential customers with letters and mails. You can use the alternative of using printed cards that contains detailed information of your new services and products which will be sent along with customer’s orders and invoices.