Technological Advances in Health

Medical devices are instruments, machines, implants that contain no medicines used to prevent, diagnose and alleviate illness, care for the sick and restore health and to structure and improve the body’s organs and functions. That’s some of the tools that are in the hospital, if you want to know the price and how the order you can see on

There are many medical devices with different categories according to their function and function. As a basis for the introduction of health equipment often used by patients or used medical and nurses in the hospital. These include:

1.Medical devices for treatment

  • Plaster – to cover the wound fitted with adhesive.
  • Gauze cloth – a rare cloth, like ram wire for verband or wound cover.
  • Hot Bottles – for hot compresses.
  • Escape – for cold compresses.
  • Milk Pump – to help pump the milk out of the breast that is breastfeeding.
  • Milk Nipple Protector – to protect scuffed nipples during breast-feeding.
  • Air Cusion – as a seat on hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids.
  • Colostomy Bag – to accommodate feces in patients after colon surgery (artificial intestinal surgery through muscles and abdominal skin).
  • Urinal – to accommodate urine in patients.
  • Bedpan – to accommodate the feces in the patient.
  • Emesis basin – to contain vomit, pus, cotton wool.

2.Tools for medical action

  • Gloves – to protect the hands from surrounding environmental influences.
  • Cathether – to remove / take urine.
  • Urine Bag – to accommodate urine associated with Balloon Cathether / Foley Cathether to remove / retrieve urine on a closed system.
  • Stomach Tube – to collect the liquid / gastric juice, to rinse / stomach contents.
  • Feeding Tube – Function: for nutrition / feeding liquid through the mouth or nose.
  • Cathether Suction – to suck the mucus from the newborn trachea.
  • Wing needle – as an extension of the vein for infusion of intravenous fluids or long-term intra-vein drugs.
  • Infusion set – hose for infusion fluids.
  • Tranfusion Set – for blood transfusion.
  • Spuit / Syringe – to inject.
  • Syringe – to inject coupled with syringes.
  • Spitan Glycerin – to spray lavement / clysma through the liquid anus often used is glycerine or soap
  • Currete – to clear the uterus in abortion patients / miscarriage.